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As a person and as an artist I accept and appreciate that I am consistently changing; I can share with you what I am today; specifically what I intend as an artist. I know that I am dissatisfied with much of the traditional art world infrastructure and, I know that all of my attempts to participate have fallen short of my expectations. I see no need for change; as I am sure the system works well for many: I intend to have my own system! The building process for my new system begins by defining an alternative, hopefully, more productive, a purpose for art and artworks. While benign aesthetic contemplation will always play an important role in defining art and artworks; I intend to cultivate more dynamic elements. There are several options to be pursued for now I will explore the possibilities (as have others before me) for art and artworks as a dynamic and integral contributor to meaningful social change: this will take the form of political activism. The journey began January 31, 2018, the first full moon. I can't know the outcome, but I will keep you informed, good or bad. I expect no followers, and yet, I would enjoy knowing that perhaps a handful of curious minds are monitoring my exploits. I Know I am not a leader, but I might inspire one.

"Please Help!", detail, 2018
"Please Help!", female headshot detail, 2018
mekasso: Please Help!
"Please Help!", male homeless headshotdetail, 2018
Mekasso, 2018. Ooh! - PVC pipe, chicken wire and gauze.
Mnuchin - view 2
Mekasso, 2018. Mnuchin spouse, Louise Linton
Mating Praying Mantises
Mekasso Ooh! Mnuchin headshot