Money World: the Social Consequences of Greed

Coming this July 14 thru Aug. 25 Group show: Oksana Tanasiv's "Money World Series" + Mekasso's "Avarice Series"

Internationally recognized Ukrainian born, American artist Oksana Tanasiv joins forces with the enigmatic sculptor mekasso to explore the social and personal consequences of greed and materialism.

Sighted. Dollar Art Collection
Sighted. Dollar Art Collection
Oksana Tanasiv’s acclaimed “Dollar Art” series, initiated in 2011 by her visceral reaction to the wide spread corruption that swept her native Ukraine will anchor this exceptional six week show. “Dollar Art is a conceptual collection and artist’s vision of surrounded world, social and political issues through the lenses of dollar objects.

Complementing Oksana’s ever-evolving series of mixed media artworks will be three of mekasso’s signature “Avarice Series” sculptures.

"Please Help!" sculpture installation by mekasso
“Please Help!” sculpture installation by mekasso

This is contemporary conceptual Art at it’s finest: a flawless blend of artistic technical merit, existential relevance and intellectual provocation.

This is not a show for the timid, apathetic or indifferent: be prepared to think, and definitely, leave any fragile sensibilities at home!

X.po.zur gallery
263 Riverside Ave., Westport CT
Public Access: Saturdays – Noon to 4pm
Reception July 18, 6-9pm
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