Oksana Tanasiv’s Dollar Art Series at X.po.zur gallery

After many years of searching for a strategy to assess artwork through a singular objective lens: I settled on an assessment framework that incorporates the shared fundamental attributes of all accomplished artists:

  • Exceptional powers of observation
  • Proficiency with at least one medium
  • The ability to communicate clearly

Oksana Tanasiv’s “Dollar Art” series exceeds this fundamental threshold.

Observation: the “Dollar Art” series is an elaborate investigation into the myriad social costs and consequences of individual greed.

Proficiency: every piece in the “Dollar Art” series confirms Tanasiv’s technical merit with a traditional medium, while reinforcing her creative significance through the judicious application of a non-traditional material.

Communication: well conceived composition and appropriate economy combine to deliver singular, cogent & clearly articulated visual narratives.

Oksana Tanasiv’s “Dollar Art” series initiated in 2011, is the physical manifestation of a truly gifted artist’s profound visceral reaction to the widespread corruption that continues to afflict her native Ukraine.

The series is a thorough exploration of money’s pernicious possibilities: depicted individually as avarice, collectively as corruption with it’s vast array of social consequences.

This is contemporary conceptual art at it’s best: a successful blend of artistic technical merit, existential relevance and intellectual provocation.

Tanasiv’s “Dollar Art” series is a must see!