Mekasso Worm Moon

Mating Praying Mantises

Every full moon a new piece by fabulous internationally acknowledged artist Mekasso will be on display at X.po.zur gallery. His latest piece speaks to the dynamics of relationships. Take a look, join the discussion and please feel free when you are there to leave your comments on the gallery wall.

Dates of next upcoming full moon events for your calendar:
Mar. 1 Worm Moon,
Mar. 31 Pink Moon,
Apr. 29 Flower Moon,
May 29 Strawberry Moon,
Jun. 28 Buck Moon,
Jul. 27 Sturgeon Moon,
Aug. 26 Corn Moon,
Sep. 24 Harvest Moon,
Oct. 24 Hunter’s Moon,
Nov. 23 Beaver Moon,
Dec. 22 Cold Moon,