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Coming this July 14 thru Aug. 25 Group show: Oksana Tanasiv's "Money World Series" + Mekasso's "Avarice Series"

Money World: the Social Consequences of Greed

Group Show. July 14th through August 25th, 2018. Reception: Saturday, July 18th, 6-9pm. Oksana Tanasiv’s “Dollar Art” & mekasso’s “Please Help!” This is contemporary conceptual Art at it’s finest: a flawless blend of artistic technical merit, existential relevance and intellectual provocation. This is not a show for the timid, apathetic or indifferent: be prepared to think, and definitely, leave any fragile sensibilities at home!

Oksana Tanasiv’s Dollar Art Series at X.po.zur gallery

After many years of searching for a strategy to assess artwork through a singular objective lens: I settled on an assessment framework that incorporates the shared fundamental attributes of all accomplished artists: Exceptional powers of observation Proficiency with at least one medium The ability to communicate clearly Oksana Tanasiv’s “Dollar Art” series exceeds this fundamental threshold. Observation: the “Dollar Art” series is an elaborate investigation into the myriad social costs…

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