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Meet Dita Bhargava,

Dita Bhargava, Democratic candidate for Treasurer, will be at Xpozur Gallery, 263 Riverside Avenue in Westport, on Sunday March 4 from 3-5 PM. Hosted by Mark Krueger, gallery owner, and his wife Gale Billingsley, the event will feature Bhargava discussing her vision for Connecticut, the need for innovation & bold ideas in Hartford, and she will be taking questions and offering the opportunity to discuss the state of current and…

Mating Praying Mantises

Mekasso Worm Moon

Every full moon a new piece by fabulous internationally acknowledged artist Mekasso will be on display at X.po.zur gallery. His latest piece speaks to the dynamics of relationships. Take a look, join the discussion and please feel free when you are there to leave your comments on the gallery wall. Dates of next upcoming full moon events for your calendar: Mar. 1 Worm Moon, Mar. 31 Pink Moon, Apr. 29…

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